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Workshop: Mobility and Strength for Throwing Sport Athletes

CAD$25 Purchase required to enroll
Engineered Bodies and Athlete Wellness Academy have collaborated to bring a special 2-hour workshop designed for coaches, athletes, and parents who participate in a throwing sport like softball and baseball. The key takeaways from this workshop are:
  • How coaches can conduct physical assessments on their players to determine if they have the requisite mobility and strength for the demands of their activity,
  • How athletes can self-assess themselves and learn movement prep exercises and drills to improve any mobility limitations and prepare their body for the demands of practice and gameplay,
  • How athletes can increase their absolute strength which can serve to increase their capacity to improve their performance and how that is not achieved by playing the sport or by training exercises in the gym that look like the sport,
  • Programming considerations and best practices to ensure long-term athletic development and mitigate burnout.
The workshop will be very educational, hands-on, and fun. Ideally, your entire team attends so that everyone (coaches, athletes, and parents) are on the same page.

Teams who can commit a minimum of 10 individuals from their team which could be a combination of athletes, coaches, and parents, will pay $15/individual to attend the workshop. To register as a team, please contact us at info[at]engineeredbodies[dot]ca.

Otherwise, the workshop is $25/individual.

This special workshop is being held at Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning on Friday, May 17th from 7 pm-9 pm

Cancellation policy There are no refunds for this workshop.
No upcoming schedule